An Overview of Public Liability Coverage


After investing all the time, effort and resources to get your business up and running, the last thing you want is to be blindsided by something you could have avoided. As a business owner, irrespective of the industry of your business, public liability coverage is vital.

So many people come into contact with your business daily including your customer, contractors and community members. It is your legal responsibility to protect these people from injury, loss, property damage or death. Your business is particularly vulnerable if it is open to the general public. Therefore, it’s vital that you take out a public liability insurance policy.

The right policy will protect you and your business from costly claims and crippling legal fees. The insurance will also enable your business to create safer environments for its daily operations. Public liability insurance cover depends on the size and industry of the company in question. It covers things such as damage or loss to property, legal costs and third party injury. The inclusions section provides for several other covers that vary from policy to policy.

It is crucial that you understand the things that your liability insurance doesn’t cover before buying it.  The exclusions include punitive damages, product recall, gradual pollutions, asbestos and aircraft products. Different states also have different requirements when it comes to public liability coverage. It’s essential that you know these variations beforehand.

No matter your careful you are, accidents are inevitable in the workplace. For instance, a customer may just slip and fall and get hurt. If he/ she decides to sue, your business may be greatly affected by the outcomes of the lawsuit. Why wait for such troubles and unmerited expenditure when you can simply get your business covered by the right liability cover and eschew such possibilities altogether.