Bum Marketing Method – How to Make Money Bum Marketing


The bum marketing method is a way of making money on the internet without any cost. It involves learning how to do different techniques which are all free.

Bum marketing works by becoming an affiliate marketer, which simply means promoting other people’s products and when someone makes a purchase you get a commission. The commissions are often very high, and can be as much as 75%. The big advantage is you get paid for customers you refer, but aren’t involved in product delivery or any customer service as the vendor handles that. So you just have to learn the methods of getting targeted traffic to the offers you are going to promote.

The free methods used to make money include writing articles, posting classified ads, and perhaps making videos or using other free web sites such as blogger or hub pages.

Here are the main advantages:

1. Earn money online – close to guaranteed if you follow instructions closely and are persistent 
2. No out of pocket expense 
3. Work at your own pace 
4. No need for your own website, email list or anything more than just basic computer skills 
5. No risk.

When I first heard of bum marketing it sounded too good to be true. And I also found that, although it’s not difficult to learn, it definitely helped to have someone who was already successful at it and could teach these methods to others. I can tell you now these methods really do work, and if you can copy and paste, and are willing to learn a few basic writing and marketing skills you can be a success at this.