Reasons Why You Need a Public Liability Insurance


Running a business or a company makes you get into contact with the public, clients and customers. However, entity owners can find themselves in lengthy lawsuits if an injury falls upon a client in the business premises or if the company has caused any damage to public property.

Running a business or an organization that is quite active in Australia requires public liability insurance. If your company gets into contact with the public regularly, you should set aside this insurance.

It protects you whenever you are deemed responsible for injuring any client or if the public’s property has succumbed to any damage due to the existence of your business. It reassures you, and cover costs include compensation and any medical bills, repairs, loss of income and any business disruption.

Such insurance is applicable in all sorts of companies, startups or established entities. Some of the reasons why you should not forgo this cover are because you need to protect your customers. Generally, it protects you with or without coming into contact with the public in your premises or elsewhere. For instance, if you own a restaurant or providing services to the property of your client, then this insurance is necessary.

It covers the customers you invite to your premises when your business takes its work to another site and also for those who enter your premises without permission, i.e. invitees, licensees and trespassers respectively. It allows you to be confident in your business knowing that you are covered.

This insurance is also crucial if you want to get contracts. Although it doesn’t fall under a legal requirement, it has become essential for deals especially in public sectors. Some public sector contracts often give a specific amount of liability for your insurance. Membership associations and industry regulators also require it.