How to Excel in Business by Being Punctual


Respect Yourself and Others.

As the owner of the business, it is imperative to be punctual. It is very important to have the doors open for business. People are most valuable resource and if you are providing a service or delivering something of value, timing is everything. Customer loyalty will develop because people acknowledge that you are accountable and dependable. This is an ultimate sign of self-respect and respect for others.

The Early Bird Eats Well

The early riser does one thing extremely well. This person “minds his/her own business”. While everyone scurries for position in the workplace, the early bird has already set himself well ahead of other colleagues. He has no competition. The early bird has the eyes on the prize with unwavering focus. When an offer has been extended, this person (i.e. consultant) has already debriefed the prospect and has made preparations for a verbal acceptance and physical offer letter. This creates a new opportunity for the prospect and a successful business deal for the consultant. The early riser is working while others are sleeping.

Pick the Brain of Others

Arriving to your place of business early creates networking opportunities for you. If there are managers, supervisors, or rising star performers, you have a chance to spend one on one time and gain information and knowledge on particular subjects. Use the time wisely. From a broader perspective, if you were to show up 15 to 20 minutes early on a daily basis, this adds up to over 450 minutes per month. That time could be used to increase performance, gain knowledge, and add value to the company. Business Owners are typically early risers. The more value you add, the more valuable you will become in your industry or profession.

Allows Creative Thinking

When arriving early, one can review and look over daily plans. As you develop the habit of arriving early, the tasks you perform begin to feel like you are on auto-pilot and your thoughts just flow into your project. Time is truly a precious and valuable asset. The key is not to serve time, but to let time serve you.