Bootstrapping Your Startup Business – Advice & Resources


Always be in bootstrap mode even if you have plenty of money, always be frugal, and be shrewd it Just takes practice like everything else.

Take advantage of the freebies you’ll be surprised how many bootstrapping businesses ignore these free or trial services. I’ll give you a few examples of what I mean. These are just a couple I have used (with great results) I’m sure that if you look you will find a lot more.

Freebies and trial

– gives you 250 free business cards 
– I gives you a 30 day free trial of there e mail marketing service 
– lets you send 3,000 emails a month and that’s their free account (I don’t know about you but 3,000 emails a month is way more than I need) 
– 37 gives you a 30 day free trial for all four of their services (Basecamp- highrise – backpack and campfire 
– gives you a free flash website 
– gives you a free phone number and 200 minsutes a month 
– gives you 2 or 3 free forms for your website 
– Microsoft Has free professionally designed templates for Word/Publisher/Powerpoint/

Free Direct Mail Coupon Advertising (Coupon Magazine) – gives free direct mail coupon advertising to new businesses

Store Front Magazine Referral Program – This Company also gives you $1,000 reward and ad space monthly if you can get them enough clients for the month (Only if you’re lucky enough to be the 1st to sign up in your city they only allow 1 referral sign up per location) I called and requested my location for their referral program and they accepted, so now I get free ads monthly, give it a shot you’d be crazy not to

Free website presence

Web2.0 websites are very popular and have high traffic use those sites to funnel some of that big traffic to your website.


The list goes on and on there’s no shortage of options so there’s no excuse for not having a web presence. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Don’t you ever forget that.