Six Cardinal Laws of Money – How to Attract Money and Give it Away to Make it Grow


“You can do anything to money or say everything against money but to ignore it. Those who believe that money is not important probably don’t have enough of it. The rich recognise and talk about money while the rest talk about everything but money.” –Uzo Onukwugha 

“Money is not everything but it is right up there with oxygen.” –Zig Ziglar

 Ten years ago, I would have been the last person in the world to write about money. I now know that you can be holy and still have holes in your pocket. Believe it or not, love may make the world go round but it is money that pays for the trip. As long as the earth revolves on its axis and greets the sun, money will continue to be an issue in our earthly existence. Economics is the name of the game. As we race towards globalization and one world government, everything boils down to economics. Even wars are now extension of economics. Know also that the mark of the beast is gonna be an economic mark. The last great revival will also involve economics–the wealth transfer or fortune reversal. We need the wealth for the spread of the endtime gospel even as we bush back the forces of darkness and every demonic onslaught.

Having debunked your self-opinionation about money, I guess the begging question is: what is money?

I can only explain money because whatever you define, you confine. the common sense definition is that money is currency–a medium of exchange. Money is a legal tender used to settle debts–private and public. The deeper explanation is that money is a metaphysical (spiritual) instrument that meanders according to human consciousness just like other assets. In other words, money is a spirit that takes the character traits and mannerisms of its owner. The word ‘spirit’ shows that money is a form of energy that obeys all the laws of quantum mechanics. At quantum mechanical level, the metaphysics of thought becomes the physics of life. That’s why word “currency” shows that money flows and it is in constant flux like the rest of the energy (bedrock) of the universe. In a universe that works according to design, and order, energy and principles are synonymous.

The begging question is: what are the Laws that govern money?

There are five cardinal principles of money. They are given in present continuous because tenses make senses.

Learning–You must be in the know to be in the flow; learning gives you a head start about money. “If you must earn money, you must first learn.” Ignorance or assumption about money is the main reason a lot of people don’t attract money. Ignorance is expensive and comes with a price tag. The block is in the mind and ignorance is the greatest darkness in the world. The price of darkness will always exploit your ignorance in the arena of your finances. In the new economy, ignorance is not an excuse. Finacial literacy is a must if you must move into deeper dimension of grace to attract money. Don’t make assumption, learn or unlearn things about money. What is commonly believed is commonly ignored. Get illumination is this area. It is amazing what you learn about money when you knock off spiritual blindness. Amazing grace is always available to those who were blind, but now they can see. From this discourse, you discover that you do not make money, you earn money. Money is an exchange of energy. Call it skill and time in exchange to goods and services. The rich are diligent with money while the rest are negligent with money. And if your are not diligent, you are not intelligent. That’s why the rich are called smart money because they always learn how to earn money, maintain and make it grow even more. It all begins with developing prosperity consciousness and thinking big. When your mind expands, you increase your capacity to receive even more money.

Earning–earning more money is where we have our most daunting problem. Ultimate reason why you learn about money is to earn it. Many people get this backwards. Yes, managing money is good but maintenace is not increase. Earning money is more of your mentality than your ability. Taking it deeper, it has a more spiritual connotation. Why? Because you make some money with your hands, you make more money with your head, but the most money is made with your heart (the human spirit). Your prosperity is within. One divine idea can make you live like a king all the rest of your life. God did not leave us without a talent. We must harness it. We must tap into our vast human resources or what I call “divine deposits within.” You can have God’s kind of financial success or you can chase the Holly wood type. A poor man has been described as one who do not know how to believe God for the abundance in his universe. This is not indictment of the poor but anybody who cannot tap into the deeper recess of his mind potential will remain poor. What keeps us poor is scarcity programming.  Think of a seed which is already programmed to over deliver. Nature is always lavish. Abundance is the natural order of the universe. God has blessed each and everyone of us with tremendous talents and innate abilities–whether we serve him or not. When we earn the money, we need discipline and wisdom to manage, disburse, or grow more of it.

Saving–this is our Archille’s heal. One old adage says, “if you cannot save money, the seed of greatness is not in you.” Having savings involves planning and discipline. It is called budgeting. You live within your means. The rule is simple, do it the old fashioned way. Curtail your appetite and buy stuff when you have the money to pay for it. You can start saving if you increase your wages and reduce your wastes. It is simple to say but difficult to do. Exercise discipline in the use of credit card. It is called inner technical resilience or character. Credit is a glorified poverty. It is stripping your future to enhance your present. Tearing your credit card, though is not the answer. Those are cosmetic changes. There are few occasions when credit cards may be lifesaving. It is always better to have it and you don’t need it and to need it and you don’t have it. Self-control is the watch word here. When you control your inner worth, you improve your net worth. Caution and balance is necessary. If you become too stingy and thrifty, you also end up having thrift-store-mentality. This is poverty programming and will cause you to lose money, too.

Spending–whether you like it or not, you must spend money for your own upkeep and need. Money is used to service life in general. The operative word is “wise spending.” Make sure you don’t hold back God’s money–His tithe and your offering. If you do, you shut the windows of heaven and your cosmic cash pump will start to run dry. Giving to God is not spending per say; it is investing in the secret kingdom that is not subject to economic downturn. When you get your raise and bonuses, don’t run to the nearest store to spend it. We live in a consumer driven society with market fiasco. Remember, that sales will never end in America. If you curtail your spending, you save 100%. Don’t allow Parkinson’s law to keep you in a treadmill of pay check to pay check. You have the anointing to break that yoke. What is Parkinson’s law. Well, it is a law that says your expenditure catches up with your pay raise to keep you perpetually broke. You can break the loop of shoppermania and spendrifting. Otherwise you will not have left-over for investment.

Investing–this is the best kept secret of the rich that separates them from the rest. It is an open secret that the poor and the middle-class work for money while the rich put their money to work. In the parable of the talent which I call the parable of investing (Matthew Chapter 25), the master instructed His three servants to put His money to work–not to work for money–according to their abilities. There are different forms and types of investment. In this regard, opportunities abound calling for caution. “If you must invest, you must investigate.” This takes us back to learning. You must be in the know to be in the flow. Before you rush to invest in multiple streams of income, make sure you study one stream, perfect it, let it run before you diversify. Otherwise you end up scattering your resources and having multiple streams of failed income. Without focus, any scattered energy is a wasted energy. Focus research always pays off. Ask questions. Tap from the experience of those who have travelled the road before. That’s leverage–don’t invest without it. For instance the internet, is a gold mine as well as a landmine. People wouldn’t tell you that only 3% of websites are making money in the internet. Yet everybody has jumped into the bandwaggon? There is so much lies, half-truth, over-bloated claims and out-right hype. The statistics applies to other investment opportunities. So, don’t be part of human statistics and casualties and at the same time, if you don’t take calculated risk, you will not be rich.

Giving–This is the best kept secret of the wealthy. The wealthy have learned to give back to God, the church, the less privileged and contribute to worthy course they believe in. There are two types of giving, the tithe and alms-giving (or offering) after you have paid your tithe. The tithe is 10% of your gross income. This is holy unto God, the source of every good thing and wealth. After the tithe, you are then able to give your free-will offerings. I have not seen a Chrisitian millionaire who is not a tither. On the other hand, it has been found that individuals and companies who give back to the community experience at least 30% growth more than those who do not give. You make a living with what you get; but you create a life with what you give. Giving is living unless you want to have a near life experience. It is a law! You must release if you must continue to receive. In other words, the only way you will continue to live is to give. Life is all about giving and forgiving regardless of your chosen endeavour. A givers hands are always up and above tight-fisted hands.

You must master these six cardinal principles if you must have and handle money. This is how to put the law of attraction in motion so that you can become a money magnet.